Fédération Naturiste

Sports et Loisirs Naturistes,
Luxembourg, asbl

Fédération Luxembourgeoise
de Naturisme, asbl


Dear Madame, Dear Sir,

Our club was founded in 1980 under the name "Les Naturistes Luxembourgeois" asbl. Through our affiliations with the Luxembourg Naturist Federation (FLN) and the International Naturist Federation (INF), we are members of the immense worldwide Naturist movement.

In 1994 the name was changed to "Sports et Loisirs Naturistes, Luxembourg". (Naturist Sport and Leisure, Luxembourg)

In 1987 we became the owners of a 4-hectare naturiste site within easy reach of Luxembourg City, which we will be happy to show you without any obligation to join. This is a small paradise of greenery away from tourist traffic and is reserved exclusively for our members.

You can play bowls, basketball, volleyball or table tennis, or simply relax naked in the shade or in the sun. For children there are swings, slides, and a sandpit. We want everyone to feel at home. In order not to lose contact during winter time, weekly sauna visits, naturist swimming evenings, and walks are organized from October to April. Feel free to join if you want - but there is no obligation.

Four times a year you will receive our club newsletter, with information about naturist activities in Luxembourg and abroad.

Membership is by family. All members receive an International Naturist Licence from the INF/FLN, which gives you entry to all the Naturist sites and holiday centers recognized by the International Naturist Federation.

Our membership fees for the year 2020 are:


75,00 EUR

INF/FLN Licence for the whole family with unlimited free access to our Naturist site

70,00 EUR

INF/FLN License for singles, with unlimited access to the club site

40,00 EUR

INF/FLN License for the whole family, without access to the club site

35,00 EUR

INF/FLN License singles, without access to the club site

5,00 EUR

Supplementary licence for children > 18 which are still at parents charge.

10,00 EUR

for students whose parents are not members (written parental permission required

15,00 EUR

enrolment fee (only payable once)


If you decide to join or for any further information, please contact us

 Tel: (+352) 691 72 02 69